PORTAL: . February 2005 - April 2006

Iniated by Robyn Pickens and C1 Cafe, Portal was an exhibition space in the popular high st cafe, C1. Running for most of 2005, Portal

Portal Chronology
Kate O'Brien, ‘balanced’, April 2006.
Harold Grieves, ‘shabby jokes and dead giveaways’, December 2005.
Nick Harte, ‘Amerika’, October/November 2005
Sian Van Dyk, ‘Tea Party’, September/October 2005
Nobu / Erase / Damien Luke, August 2005
Naomi Lamb, ‘Subantartic: Sample 002’, July 2005
Korey Condon, ‘Jealousy’, June 2005
The Dept. of Artificial and Natural Production, ‘Professional Magic for Amateurs’, May 2005
Naomi Lamb, ‘Subantartic: Sample S001’, April 2005
Jamie Richardson, ‘'Hug A Thug' aka Paradopolis mkII’, March 2005
Kerry Tunstall, February 2005
Amy Dickinson, January 2005
Aaran Samuels, ‘French Knitting’, December 2005
Amelia Bywater and Oli Perkins, ‘The Honey's on the Inside’, November 2005
Ian Ellis, ‘GM Type Writer’, October 2005
Shane Norrie, ‘Animanimal’, October 2005