IWI - Is Where Is : Anton Mogridge. 27 MARCH - 14 APRIL 2007

axiom, maxim, adage, saying, proverb, truism, apothegm, insinuation, witticism, quip, bon mot, gag, jest, double entendre, inference, intimation, allusion, overtone, implication, hint, allusion, indication, whisper…

While the weight of intention may be at times difficult to gauge, Anton Mogridge has always positioned his most effective works well within the clumsy and uncomfortable terrain that exists in between experiential truths.

Probing the pressure points that exist between language, experience and the cultural crutches of the everyday Mogridge's literal adages illustrate a playful and inquisitive intent. Yet, the residual effect of these mutable, quick-witted works might have you wondering who's got the last laugh. Here the tried and trusted dictum, 'as is where is' is always the bottom line - take it or leave it.