TO DRAW ON. From 23 April 2007

Alongside HSP's gallery programme, HSP is seeking to establish new initiatives and artist projects outside the existing gallery space. The first initiative for 2007 is a drawing project investigating the nature of drawing within an active and public social space. To Draw On is to be located within Timmy’s, a local cafĂ© on Hereford Street in Central Christchurch, using an interior wall of the space as blank space to create new work. The intention for To Draw On is that an artist will work within the active space of the cafe for a two to three week period during business hours, creating a new wall based drawing within that time, and with the aim that the drawing would stay in place for the week following. Another artist would begin the next week, and so on, until six artists have created and exhibited their work. This project will allow artists face to face contact and interactions with the public, as well as give the audience and patrons of the cafe a chance to experience and participate in the process of drawing as it evolves.