Tujiko Noriko, Ray Off, Greg Malcolm, lllllllllllllllll. 28 AUGUST 2008

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an evening of deconstructed electro pop, spliced song-structures, voices fluttering like uncaged birds in digital ether & multi-instrumental melodic sublimity.

A dolly mixture of local and international artists, and a cornucopia of treats are in store for discerning listeners: Japan's finest avant pop, Ray Off's sublime electro-acoustic outsider-virtuosity, Greg Malcom coaxing the guitar as multiple, expanded instrument into formerly unknown territories, as well as the debut solo performance from one of Christchurch's more
mysterious aural polymaths.


NG Gallery Basement,
212 Madras St (next to Galaxy Records)

Thurs 28th August



Japanese avant-songstress Tujiko Noriko has been widely heralded as the queen of Japanese electro-pop. Her songs, as dreamy as they are melodic, have drawn comparisons to Bjork, Mum and a number of other left of centre icons. Touring Australasia (with an appearance at Sydney Opera house along the way) to promote her new album, U; for her debut Christchurch performance, Noriko rides in on the back of a plethora of new works, all delicately assembled with her unique vocals adorning them. This show promises to be a night of evocative eclectic songs, delivered by one of Japan's most original visionaries.


RAY OFF (Dunedin)

Ray Off is a glistening, trapezoidal cellular structure where some of Dunedin's most free-thinking musicians sometimes gather to deposit their wild honey. Formed by Jim Currin in 2004, the band has moved through line-ups, form and format with restless zeal, as strikingly documented on the recent 'Split The Lark' triple cd which captured one year (2006) in the life of a group headed all over the place. Ray Off in Christchurch will be a quartet with Currin (guitar, cello and voice), Afke Riemersma (voice, marimba and drums), Toki Wilson (drums, guitar, toys) and Motoko Kikkawa (violin, voice). Expect delicacy, sweetness and gob-smacking strangeness.


"Greg Malcolm is a longtime stalwart of exciting NZ guitar-work who has been criminally under-appreciated for too long. Through all of this he has single-mindedly developed a highly individual musical vocabulary, often employing multiple guitars simultaneously to generate drones and rhythms. This has culminated in the design of his own, multi-output 'adapted guitar'."
- Forced Exposure

"Malcolm has introduced a poetic new vocabulary into the lexicon of acoustic guitar playing" - Edwin Pouncey/The Wire

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