the pretty show. December 3 ~ 18. Preview ~ December 2, 5.30pm.

Alex Kennedy (Dunedin) Justine Walker (Wellington) Julien Dyne (Auckland) Mirabel Oliver (Christchurch) Maurice Lye (Christchurch) Annie MacKenzie (Christchurch) Kathy Barry (Auckland) Marie LeLievre (Christchurch)

the pretty show brings together a trans-national group of artists into an eclectic yet definitive exhibition showcasing the prettiest summer art trends from Aotearoa New Zealand. Whether your interest is in photography, painting, sculpture or installation art, this exhibition promises something for everybody. Come along and indulge your senses at what is likely to be the most delicious opening preview of 2008, and then come back again to leisurely contemplate the prettiest contemporary art of today!

Image credits: Black Hole ~ Alex Kennedy, Pink Hopper ~ Maurice Lye