Ripped these images straight off Matt's Gallery Gallery blog. The Russian Dolls analogy is totally ace. The photographic literature of HSP's move in to the Lichfield Space on the wall is an apposite pre-echo of the de rigeur texts that line the shelves of Akehurst's cargo vault, which will themselves become part of a flicked archival history, probably sold on the way things are goin so entrepreneurially round here.

Akehurst's structure is a kind of incredulous shrine to the hardware rites of re-moval and re-fabrication of installation as a palimpsest ideology. It's suspect, or suspicious, cutting a negative-exponential and calculating hole in the main capacious room, makes the larger outfit look gratuitous, frivolous, yet transfigured by this banal replica, cast in reverse, that operates like an archetypal construction 'HQ', its makeshift yet foundational husk catalyzing some Greater Taproot Institutional Behemoth, which here is the appropriately acronymized HSP. The latter indicts itself as affable Host.

It's through one-part gest that Gallery-to-the-power-of-2 secretes itself as an affront from within and one-part appropriation as theft that it functions so admirably. Of course there's one-part Bachelardian fun to be had within the furrowed niche of this new furniture. This homely e-state is further toyed with by the enveloping smell of everfresh primer - that perennial olfactory enterprise of fake renewal. I've been admiring the way Adam Art Gallery does this with their fab rubber solution which renews your embryonic experience at every turn.