Neave is a guitarist whose work has appeared on labels like Celebrate Psi Phenomenon alongside Birchville Cat Motel, Richard Youngs and Lee Ranaldo et al., and Peter Stapleton's fabled Metonynmic with the Nick Harte-led CM ensemble. He has played with the likes of Lynton Denovan, Adam Willetts & La Lakers in Grunge Genesis, and Dunedin's Lee Noyes, with whom he appears on the recent Wire Magazine and Audio Foundation Compilation, Dirt Beneath the Daydream.

Neave's first and final exhibition at HSP before his departure involves a characteristically dexterous and intricate archival presentation of field recordings mined through the artist's clandestine surveillance of gallery openings around the country over the past year. Condensing this vast repository of itinerant Enquiry and feeding it back as an audio resource into the natural habitat and accumulative forum of new spacious confines, Neave conducts a direct interrogation of a live audience that finds itself mimicked through the unintelligibility of the re-articulated din that mingles with real time gallery chatter.