Ohio’s Ryan Jewell is Secretary of both the UFOlogical Drummer Summit and Abducted Rare Species Groove Conference, 90210 A.C. Antenna to the percussion deities, Jewell channels the same octopus tempers as fellow un-counters, Chris Corsano, Edie Prevost, Tim Barnes, Chris O’Connor and the Dialogue of Drums, but lands in a separate dyslexic ocean completely, soft abrasions and filament scratches hook up on a dexterous mulch tide of brush slithers and skimmed respires, all with the most minimal of instrumental elements. ‘It's all acoustic’, the artist describes his Blackest Rainbow release. ‘Supersonic acoustic sine waves interfering with one another making audible sweeps, etc. It's all just a floor tom. Secret fuckin' ninja jedi mind moves and shit’. He’s splashed crystals and huffed concrète with likes of C Spencer Yeh, Graveyards, Greg Kelley, Wasteland Jazz Unit, Psychedelic Horseshit and Pink Reason, who he’ll join on the kitset on the night after, but Jewell is a pretty dropjaw player in his own right as a mind-resetting soloist.

Matt Whitehurst is the conscience and intelligence behind the ‘crack-house disco and tin-can post-punk’ secretions of Psychedelic Horseshit, who have appeared on labels Woodsist and Siltbreeze alongside Raccoo-oo-oon, Wooden Wand, Wooden Wand, Wavves, Sic Alps and Blank Dogs, and many others. Commissioners of Shitgaze, the aptly manicured christening of a musical language that is scatological at its most refined, Horseshit captures what Siltbreeze calls the ‘rickety skeletal pop of Step Forward-era Fall, the lo-fi fuzz of Swell Maps, and static noblesse of Slay Tracks-era Pavement’, but turns this historical mandate into a filthy abstract matter of botched skank, fucked pop, gashed Folkways excavations and expelled school bully blues. Whitehurst also appears solo before joining Pink Reason on Wednesday the 16th. Glam has left the building.

Bruce Russell is THE most preeminent and influential musician this country, if not the planet has seen and heard. His band, The Dead C has spawned more soundalike bands than Wagner, and he has appeared on an array of labels, such as John Wiese’s Helicopter (Haters, Merzbow, Yellow Swans), Smalltown Supersound (Jazzkamer, Kevin Drumm, Jaga Jazzist), Ecstatic Yod (Sunburned, Gang Wizard, NNCK, Destroy all Monsters), Chocolate Monk (Melt Banana, Harry Pussy, Richard Youngs, Incapacitants, Neil Campbell, The Skaters), Spirit of Orr (Axolotl, Ashtray Navigations, MV&EE), Ba Da Bing! (Comets On Fire, Six Organs Of Admittance, Beirut), Fat Cat, Sub Pop, Siltbreeze and Mattin’s W.M.O./r. His own labels Xpressway and Corpus Hermeticum have played host to a similarly proliferate amount of dream groups and sound wizards: The Shadow Ring, Flying Saucer Attack, Tetuzi Akiyama, Taku Sugimoto, Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and others. Ambient punk brains, grunge treatise sage, mock-theoretical genius, Power Ambient architect, emotional hardcore psychopathologist and investigative shogun, Russell is Heliocentric lifer and amethyst axis of the galaxy eros.