0900 SOLAR BOARDING PAUSE ALONZO MORNING. 26 March - 10 April, 2010.

LaBanna Bly
Richard Law
James Ferraro
Kevin DiTrapano
Stephanie Davidson
Jeffrey Joyal and Carlos Laszlo
Daniel Lopatin / Oneohtrix Point Never
Josh Burke / Triangle Glare / Nehal Shah
Samantha Gurry
Sean McCann
Ivan Gaytan
Craig Hand
Luke Wyatt
Zahid Jiwa
Nate Boyce
Tyler Dorson
Frank Baugh
Todd Ledford

Curated by Shea Bermingham and John Laser

0900 SOLAR BOARDING PAUSE ALONZO MORNING is a visual inquiry into what musician and columnist, David Keenan has described as Hypnagogic Pop, an underground musical zeitgeist mobilised by the 'creative mishearing of hyperreal 1980s chartbusters', and the erudite detourning of that epoch's still-lambent historo-retinal afterimage into a contemporary, artistic corpus of kinaesthetic, post-noise forms.

0900 is a collection of videos from contemporary artists working with, and as, preeminent US musical acts including James Ferraro, Ducktails, Oneohtrix Point Never, New Yoga, Mossy Throats, Sun Araw, Triangle Glare and Matrix Metals. Their works all subvert commercial totems through the use of upturned and detuned samples from televisual refuse, foggy digital filters, oneiric repetition, ghostly deceleration, and pausal, collagistic juxtaposition, in an uncanny optic manifestation of the revenant timbral symbols contained in their respective, portal-like soundtracks.

Comprised of a mixture of video art pieces, music videos, commercials, late nite phone-mercials and other cathode-ray detritus, 0900 is a playful exploration of the aesthetics and politics of a collective VHS memory, through an appropriately eclectic collection of vis-aur-al material.

Photography: Laser, except stairwell and bottom landscape, by Mark Gore.