SF’s Sean O’Reilly is the black eminence behind the erstwhile escape punk and Kraut grot of Flying Nun’s most insolent skronk pack, King Loser - their Ritalin Morricone and stray Gainsbourg caterwaul permeated with his agitated tremolo, strung-out stabs and general, curled and blippy menace. SF’s 1996 Flying Nun EP, ‘Supra’ is a dark, minimalist blaze, adorned by the strange ingénue and weirdo, feline giggle of artist, Saskia Leek. O’Reilly has also appeared alongside Rachel Shearer (Lovely Midget, Queen Meanie Puss) and Dean Roberts (Thela, Autistic Daughters) in Xe; with Chris Hazelwood and Look Blue Go Purple’s Lesley Paris in Olla; and is a current member of Siltbreeze/Xpressway/Flying Nun legends, The Renderers. He is joined by Christchurch concréte pop artist, LA Lakers.

RICHARD NEAVE is a Christchurch guitarist, who, after an extended period in Thailand, returns briefly to play his first show here since stoned immemorial. Neave’s work has appeared on labels such as Root Don Lonie for Cash (Fabio Orsi, Armpit, Celia Mancini, Futurians, CJA, Kraus) and Celebrate Psi Phenomenon (Richard Youngs, Kemialliset Ystävät, Slow Listener, Ignatz), and he has exhibited at HSP and the Christchurch Art Gallery's Subsonic programme.