FABULOUS DIAMONDS. NZ TOUR. 11 - 18 December, 2010

HSP is pleased to present the NZ tour of processional dub and crypt punk diviners, FABULOUS DIAMONDS from Melbourne, Australia.

Following their US excursion alongside Pigeons and Wet Hair, and their sophomore LP on Siltbreeze (Times New Viking, Sic Alps, US Girls), the duo’s heavenly garage anthems, liminal haunt funk, and transfixing, psychedelic mantras are poised to captivate audiences around the country in mid-December.

Likened to a lysergic union of Lee Perry, Terry Riley, Suicide, Silver Apples and Young Marble Giants, what Pitchfork calls Fabulous Diamonds’ ‘part pagan sleepover incantation’ and ‘lush and trippy’ minimalism is a UFO potion of radiant synth arpeggia, lock-groove futurist-Baroque riffage, celestial chant and post-disco percussive clatter that has a disquieting, modal beauty and entrancing, cosmic unease. This is the duo’s first NZ visit. Presales available from undertheradar.co.nz

Tour Dates:

Auckland Friday 10 December, Wine Cellar with Sam Hamilton and The Gladeyes.

Wellington Saturday 11 December, Happy with Diana Rozz and Orchestra of Spheres.

Christchurch Saturday 18 December, HSP with Witchuals and Luxury.