HSP is pleased to present the Oceanic voyage and tour diary of US and Belgium travelers, MONOPOLY CHILD STAR SEARCHERS and DOLPHINS INTO THE FUTURE.

Monopoly Child is The Skaters’ and Pacific City Vision’s Spencer Clark. His ornate, hallucinatory environments are enacted through a Xerox mirage of celestial horse gallop, mizmar-like horn melisma and avian vocal Interpretation. His live performances have been likened to a mix of temple inauguration and 50's Ethnic Folkways bootleg, and his myriad of recorded artifacts surf from devotional pyramid drone and celestial bamboo ritual to the tropical romance audio novel of his most recent vision, ‘Make Mine, Macaw’.

Courtesy of the Ancient Skywatchers of California and Shamans for Levitated Coconuts, amongst other distant bureaus, Clark’s cosmic accretion of tapes, CDrs and LPs have appeared on labels like Old English Spelling Bee, Heavy Tapes, Eclipse and New Age, and he has collaborated and performed with artists such as Tomutonttu, Sonic Youth, Deerhoof, Nurse With Wound, Charalambides, Melvins and Wooden Wand.

Dolphins into the Future is the Antwerp-based, Cetacean Nation Communications and Taped Sounds ambassador, Lieven Martens. Forming his music through a process of ‘automatic writing instigated by dialogues with the cetacean world’, Martens’ warbly and effervescent sonic ecosystems abound with the attuned aquatic energies and tranquility of liquindi percussion, echolocative synth gurgle, Polynesian cantata and tape-collage swirl.

Martens has released music on Kraak, Not Not Fun, Release the Bats, and his own evolving imprints, which have also played host to an array of artists such as, Oneohtrix Point Never, Orphan Fairytale, Kraus, J.D. Emmanuel, Emeralds’ Steve Hauschildt and James Ferraro. Dolphins’ radiant musical glare and calming ascension emerges from an innerspace of reflective elation and Higher Intelligence.

Thanks to Kraak, High Reflections, Obedient Atom, Adam Art Gallery, Happy, Disembraining Machine, Micronations, and Altmusic NZ for their support. Tickets for NZ events are available from


Melbourne Thursday December 2nd, Sunshine & Grease with Mouving and Tim Coster

Brisbane Friday December 3rd, The Old Museum with Sun of the Seventh Sister, Botski, Nicola, Spamicide

Sydney Saturday December 4th, Serial Space with Ben Byrne and Pimmon

Christchurch aquarium/temple installation and culminating performance Saturday December 11th, HSP with LA Lakers

Dunedin Sunday December 12th, Chicks Hotel with LA Lakers

Wellington Thursday December 16th, Happy with I.Ryoko and Sign of the Hag

Auckland Saturday December 18th, Wine Cellar with Octopus