Continuous Memory : Rachel O'Neill. 11 July - 28 July 2007

One day, artist Rachel O'Neill and curator Thomasin Sleigh began to talk about time, poetry and Barbara Cartland over a number of cups of coffee seated on wobbly chairs. Slowly and rather unexpectedly, the exhibition Continuous Memory began to emerge from these rather convoluted, at moments crystalline, discussions.

The term Continuous Memory was used by old HP calculators to indicate that they could preserve the contents of their memory even when they were switched off. Similarly O'Neill and Sleigh are interested in the importance of the past and the retention of memory, be it societal, personal or collective. Needless to say, they thought that this title would place the exhibition in the good company necessary for such extended discussions and actions.

Continuous Memory investigates the experiential and linear notion of time, and hopes to rewire traditional perceptions of the past, present and future.