Limn file: exhibition two. 31 July - 18 August 2007

Fresh from its successful first exhibition in Sydney Limn File hits Christchurch. This collective, represented by Matt Glen, Michele Zarro, Nicholas Hudson-Ellis, and Melissa Laing refuses themed exhibitions and house styles. Instead, Limn File's exhibitions revel in the particularity of the individual without forgetting the broaded communal endeavour of the exhibition.

Exhibition One covered aeroplanes, oceans, home porn, and minimalist LED disco effects, all created with a mish-mash of modernist and post---aesthetics. With Exhibition Two they are pulling out all the stops with bullet holes, unravelled blankets, teledexes and other misappropriated paraphenalia.

Tight, experimental, conversing and arguing with each other, the artworks in this upcoming High Street Project exhibition are an approach to the wider domain of recent Australian art practices, and the broader context of international visual arts.