Garage Collections : Jared Davidson. 24 August - 8 September 2007

Taking poster art from the bollards and city walls - essentially from the high street to The High Street Project (HSP) this exhibition celebrates the work of independent hand-screenprinter Jared Davidson who is putting Christchurch on the international map with his unique poster art.

Davidson, who started his screen-printing business in his parent’s garage in Hei Hei late last year, is being recognised by the gallery for a retrospective of sorts after just one year in business due to the exceptional success of his venture.

Over one-hundred hand screen printed and digital music posters will be on show from Friday 24 August at HSP. In twelve short months the Garage Collective can boast and incredible list of international venues and clientele including: Wilco (USA), The Evens (USA), infamous LA venue The Knitting Factory, A Low Hum Tours (NZ), Manual Magazine (NZ), Stink Magnetic (AUS), The Damned Evangelist (LYTTELTON), The Tiger Tones (CHCH), Minuit (AUS), So So Modern (WGTN), Disasteradio (WGTN), Frase + Bri (CHCH), Ladi6 (AK), Pine (CHCH), Trans Am (AK), Mestar (DN), and many more.

By combining his interests in music and design, Davidson has carved out a niche for himself, creating shiningly beautiful, limited edition posters, in a resolutely D.I.Y punk fashion. His hand screen printed posters for music, art and political events are becoming so sought after he's finding it hard to keep up with demand.

"Starting Garage Collective started with an idea to create something unique outside of the graphic design industry. I love music, knew a little about screen printing, and didn't want to do anything else. It was really surprising to see no one was providing a service like this based on extremely successful poster scenes overseas."

"To see how far GC has come in the span of a year is really humbling. The plan was to get this thing up and as a full time practice, both for myself, and the independent music scene here in Christchurch and New Zealand. I had no idea that I would reach that goal, and exceed it, as soon as I have! What's more, is to be based in Christchurch and reaching out to the world is really inspiring, especially seeing the up and coming bands in the region"