ILIOS - Sound Art Performance and Talk, Christchurch Art Gallery. 7 October, 2009

Producer of hits like 'Love is my Motor', 'Balls', 'Eurovision / Otravision' and 'Dance Classics', ILIOS is dance music’s brain-mulching enemy. Architect of some of the most austere and extreme sonic creations that are equally contemplative in their captivating realisation, the Greek composer and Spain-based curator has worked alongside an array artists working on similar exploratory fronts of music, such as Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, Francisco Lopez, Sachiko M, Steinbr├╝chel, Jazzkammer, Daniel Menche, Reynols’ Anla Courtis, and the Basque provocateur, Mattin.

ILIOS’ music investigates the limits of audibility in embodied listening encounters through the use of extreme frequencies and treated sonic ambiances, which are fed back with immersive and disorientating complexity into the equally resonant performance space. ILIOS has recently constructed an installation using the internal combustion engine vibrations of a car at the Athens Bienalle, contributed work to a moving train installation alongside Hecker, AGF and COH, while curating "Electrograph - "Athens Sound Media" a festival on sound media in Athens, [Un]Commonsounds project and SDR Muestra de Arte Sonoro de Santander in Spain.

Presented by HSP in association with Christchurch Art Gallery’s Showcase International Series, sponsored by The Press.