GROUPER (US), TOMUTONTTU (FI), LA LAKERS. 29 September, 2010

Liz Harris’ return to Christchurch precedes the release of the ‘Hold/Sick’ 7" on Brisbane Label, Room40 and her tours of Australia, Japan and South Korea. Since her last appearance in Christchurch in early 2009, Harris has recorded a split alongside Roy Montgomery - with her contribution toted by Pitchfork as ‘among her most focused and spellbinding to date’ - a side on Root Strata’s a capella 7" series, ‘Tsuki No Seika’ next to... Type label’s Xela, and re-issued editions of her incredible, earlier works,’ Cover the Windows and the Walls’, ‘Wide’, and ‘Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill’.

Grouper has recently toured alongside Animal Collective in the US and played at All Tomorrow’s Parties’ ‘The Fans Strike Back!’ weekend alongside Devo, Beirut, M83, !!! and Lydia Lunch. Oriented around empyrean choral deltas, cyclical cassette scree, and endeared, zero-zero guitar straits, her music is gorgeous on record, and transcendental live.

Tomutonttu is the solo project of Jan Anderzén, a visual artist and musician from Tampere, Finland, whose pivotal role in Kemialliset Ystävät and collaborative raids in Avarus and Anaksimandros has - alongside Fonal label colleagues, Es, Paavoharju, Kuupuu, Islaja, Fricara Pacchu, Lau Nau and Shogun Kunitoki - elevated the Finnish experimental underground into a Renaissance-like state, its cross-pollinating telepathy producing some of the most acclaimed records and performances since the mid 2000s, while setting a universal example for communal musical exploration.

Anderzen’s wraithlike powwow, weirdo choral ascents, elated bleeps, bubbly glossolalia and poltergeist thumps coalesce in a captivating sylvan kaleidoscope of psych hyperbole in all his projects, but it is live, in his solo incarnation as Tomutonttu that these magnetic qualities are best articulated. As unassailable blog, Mutant Sounds has described, Tomutonttu is a 'delightful traipse through a verdant forest of ergot poisoned art brut psychedelic deconstructionism; all wobbly string fumble, lobotomized key wheeze and detuned flute toot that’s wonderfully right in it's ungainly wrongness'.

Tomutonttu's addition to the line-up has been made possible by Altmusic.

LA Lakers: Fear of duration, Lily Greenham, Total ridicule.