JAN ANDERZÉN - 'NUOETTEJA'. 28 September - 6 November 2010.

Jan Anderzén is a Finnish artist whose visual practice is a kaleidoscopic ghosting of his celebrated sonic wanderlust in Kemialliset Ystävät and Tomutonttu.

His collagist, painterly work is heavily populated with furry geometries and carnivalesque planes that stick out with playful grace into alien fields of ebullient, mycological action, trippy galactic splatter, and dripped up creaturedom.

‘Nuotteja’ is a graphic score that crawls around the walls, consisting of a series of mandalas painted on shitty 7"s, various paper notation works, and a suspended, musical stave that forms the basis of an accumulative composition of vibrant debris: Yuletide refuse, incandescent trash and fresh produce.

Anderzén’s visit has been made possible by Altmusic, through their national touring of Tomutonttu. http://altmusicnz2010.blogspot.com/