KIKIILIIMIKILII (FR), THJE. House Show in Sydenham. 7 September, 2010

Kikiilimikilii is the solo project of the founder of the Parisian art group, Collectif Tralala, and band, Feu Machin. He has performed in France, Spain, Estonia and the United States, but keeps a cryptic, abiographical résumé, citing ‘dgdghnfhnfnhf’ as a pretty big influence. He has played alongside Blues Control, Charlemagne Palestine, ‘pyramidal meditationist’ and Not Not Fun compatriot, High Wolf, and Animal Collective’s Deacon. He also has a pending, physical debut on Mexican micro-label, Ruido Horrible (Ryan Jewell, Slow listener, Wasteland Jazz Unit). His music skates between echoic choral terrains, mosquito-drone airspace, and cracked, lacustrine exotica.

Rainbow Beast is the new disguise of Christchurch’s Mike Minchington, whose hymnal, endless-loop instrumentals and wrung-out guitar cruises have been self-released on an array of pathologically limited cassettes, but he’s a pivotal jam donor - playing and recording alongside Adam Willetts and Witcyst, and in Slit the Throat of the Assistant and Grunge Genocide Drum Pentragram.

Alex Donnithorne's Thje rummages through ritual growl, punched slide-acoustic, drum harm and feedback caterwaul on one recording to the Niblock-like organ drift of another. Affinities with Sean Bailey’s Melbourne project, Lakes, here - by way of The Shadow Ring. It’s cool.

Many thanks to Will, Alice, James and Rob for helping out with the emergency relocation. Rainbow Beast got sick and couldn't play.